Roanoke Antiques

We have been buying and selling old items, antiques, vintage items and more in the Roanoke VA area for over 15 years and have found amazing items in the Roanoke VA Area. Roanoke is rich in history and historical items, and vintage, eclectic, and interesting stuff.

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We have found historical documents, rare coins, old toys, rare advertising items, oddities, amazing collectibles and so much more in the Roanoke region.

We sell a lot of what we find to serious collectors, at flea markets, online, at trade shows, on ebay, ad a few other venues. We know a lot of collectors, buyers, and vintage item brokers that we do business with on a weekly basis.

“We have a deep passion and love for finding and sharing vintage and antique items with the region and the world. When you can go into an old house that has had items stored for 80 years and unearth rare items that are hardly seen in the antique market, it is an amazing feeling to bring those items back into the light so others can enjoy them and learn about the history of the items. “

We like all sorts of items with all sorts of values. From a $2.00 trinket to a $1000.00 rare bottle or old vintage toy worth $10. It is the history, the vintage, the rust, the pitter patter of patina scattered through-out an items inanimate being that is the lure of such items. We would love the opportunity to buy from you or help you liquidate your items. From the 1980’s, 1880’s, and older or newer, we love all sorts of stuff!



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