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Estate liquidator In Roanoke VA Estate Sales

Estate Sale Service in Roanoke VA and Surrounding Areas

Providing estate sale services in the roanoke VA , Salem VA, Bedford VA, and SWVA region. We help you liquidate your estate contents, collections, accumulations, and more. Items that sell good in an estate sale include Old Vintage Items, Electronics, Tools, Old Toys, Household items, sports cards, collectibles, art, decor, christmas ornaments, Fishing/Camping/Hunting, Good or Vintage Clothing, Sterling Silver, Coins, Antiques, Unique or High-End Furniture. The list goes on! There is a buyer for almost anything and as long as you have a house full or property full of decent items, you can have a successful estate sale.

Our estate sales take place over a 3 day period usually starting on a Friday and lasting till Sunday at 4PM. Having an estate sale is nothing like a garage sale or yard sale. When having an estate sale we professionally price and display all of your contents (Items) individually or in suitable lots when dealing with bulk collections of smalls or say sports cards and such. ANy key items are displayed better than say office supplies or “Junk”. An estate sale can attract hundreds of shoppers each day and guarantees you get the most money possible for your items. We advertise estate sale heavily online and use aggressive advertising to get your sale the most traffic possible. Most estate sales charge extra fees on top of a percentage. We charge a flat rate percentage and we do not charge extra fees for advertising, hired help, or labor.

We have competitive rates and will beat most if not all rates charged in our area. We need, and want your estate sale business. call on us anytime. Phone: 540-283-5211